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How to setup 6 Buttons with 64 midi values in relationship to each other!? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to setup 6 Buttons with 64 midi values in relationship to each other!?

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asked Apr 27, 2019 in Advanced by thefuze (150 points)
edited Apr 27, 2019 by thefuze
I haven't read this very carefully, but my first question is: can you create the situation you want by MANUALLY pressing the 6 buttons? If so, then you could use a Preset for Groups to get what you want.
Thanks for your fast reply. Not really at all, i can create this six buttons but i.e all buttons on would be a total value of 63  (sysex hex 3F). Now pressing only first button (Bend) in this row off sends 3E.(switching on off sends 3F and 3E)
 If button 2 is also off it send 3C (switching on off sends 3C and 3E)
But now leaving button 2 stay off, lets button 1 send 3D and 3C for on and off. So now button 1 sends a different Value.

To describe it another way is :
 i've got a knob with 64 ticks and the 6 buttons.
The ticks for the knob are:
tick 1 is all off, tick 2 is Bend, 3 is mod, 4 is bend and mod, 5 is sustain, 6 is bend and sustain, 7 is mod and sustain, 8 is bend and mod and sustain, and so on to 64.
So the buttons should lit if the value on the knob is selected.

I've uploaded images from my Test page to see how it should look.(Second image) buttons manually switched on.
Okay so you're able to create the situation with named ticks, but you want to produce that output using the six buttons... So the answer is either: Bit Changers ( and, if that doesn't work, you can use StreamByter to do whatever you need (we have it built in to MD as an IAP).