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TG-500 + iPad + Controller. Are there more options? - MIDI Designer Q&A

TG-500 + iPad + Controller. Are there more options?

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asked Mar 7, 2019 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by amalgam (120 points)
edited Mar 12, 2019 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks for the question. The layout for the TG-500 can move parameters around on the MIDI target, but getting connected to it is the same problem as you're already having. Anyway, one of these can help you get your Arturia connected

Then, if you want to use MIDI Designer, you can use the same way of working.

Point being, switching to Garageband for iPad instead of Logic because you can't get stuff to work makes little sense. Buying MIDI Designer is always a good idea, but not to solve this problem.

Does that help at all?
Hm, I'm not having too much luck with those midi patchers for osx. Midi Patchbay doesn't seem to work and MJDJ MidiMorph can't be opened (error message). But the more difficult it seems to sync up MIDI between my tone generator and controller, the more interesting the alternative seems to control the tone generator via an iPad.
So when MIDI connect the tone generator to iPad via an interface (iRig2 in my case) I will have full control over all the functions that are mapped on the lay-out?

My apologies if I am asking for the obvious (or may not have entirely understood your reply). This application might save me a lot of hassle with tedious sys ex message control change mumbo jumbo.
Thanks, I'll retest MIDI Patchbay soon, but the real answer is to get a MIDI Monitor (like Snoize MIDI monitor) and figure out what's happening.

Controlling via iPad should be no problem. What issues are you having?
The issue is that I can't figure out how to get my controller and the TG500 in sync with each other. Like, being able to let the controller's ADSR amp faders control the TG's AEG (R1,R2,R3 and R4). And in Logic Pro X.
Now I've understood that there's probably a method for assigning parameters via system exclusive messages. There's a MIDI chart in a secondary manual, sure, but it's apparent that working with sys ex parameter strings is really quite tedious, with the requirement of converting numbers from decimals to hexadecimals.
As for monitoring the MIDI: Within Logic there's an Event Editor screen in which one can display the sys ex number strings (which note is being played, at what velocity etc.). Besides, Mac has its own Midi Monitor application, so I'm not sure if Snoize MIDI monitor gives any other insights.

Anyway, If I can have control over the many parameters on the TG500 with the layout on an iPad, I still wonder how I can redirect the MIDI signal simultaneously to Logic on Mac. How does that work? After all, I want to capture MIDI in a DAW as well.