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MIDI bi-directonal - MIDI Designer Q&A

MIDI bi-directonal

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asked Feb 27, 2019 in Basic by audiunt (190 points)
I don’t use Bitwig or Omnisphere however I can say in theory it could work if you can get bigwig and Omni to send MIDI out to MDP2 then MD will update your knob changes however I don’t know if Omni sends midi data at preset change, many synths don’t so that may not be a possibility
Any updates on this question? OP did you get this solved somehow?

1 Answer

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Yes. XITE-1 DSP Mixer recieves and sends back to MD. I use MD to manually adjust a 12 Channel 4 x AUX Mixer .

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Yes. I use the XITE-1 MIDI / Audio interface. Built in 12 channel 4 AUX Mixer is totally automated. It also sends MIDI Out back to my iPad Pro.
answered Apr 17, 2019 by mambajim (140 points)