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Help concerning program changes - MIDI Designer Q&A

Help concerning program changes

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asked Feb 19, 2019 in Basic by wayne-readhead (120 points)
So my I initial thought is that your subcontrols buttons should be momentary instead of toggle.  Are they set to toggle?
Thanks for the reply.
    No they are set to momentary...
Will you upload your layout? Or email it to  I think I could understand the problem if I can see the layout.
That would be awesome, I've emailed you the layout. Thankyou so much for your time.
Okay Wayne I took a look at your layout and I think a starting solution would be to set the on/off switches to toggle, then add a super control knob for each of these on off groups.  The supercontrol knob will allow for only the on or the off switch to be engaged at once, and you can hide these knobs in since you wont actually be turning them in advanced - Hide in Play Mode.
Hi Mitch, sorry for delayed replied, I gig in the swiss alps and have been basically up a mountain the last couple of days!!.. Thankyou so much for looking , I will hopefully have my set up in situ to try this out tomorrow..
Hi there, so am sat down with this again and seem to not be getting anywhere. As far as setting up a super control to switch off the parts, I have tried but really cannot go any further with that because as soon as i make the patch change switches (piano, electric piano buttons) anything more than a program change switch......they stop working!  Ive been using the 'send test' and my module picks up the program change message......I make the piano button a super control and send test and still module still receives a midi message..
     But then when I come out of design mode into play midi message is sending to module.
   I realise its something to do with making the patch change buttons super controls to mute 2 of the four patches but why would that stop the button sending the patch change??? Switch off super control and they send patch changes but all 4 sounds are unmuted.
    Struggling here, any help or advice would be appreciated
Thanks, so from what I understand when you make a control a supercontrol it no longer sends its own value? If this is the case it is because supercontrols default to not sending a value only changing other controls.  You can change this by going to the supwrcontrols relationship tab and selecting options as Super - send own value