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How do I connect MD to Strymon pedals? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How do I connect MD to Strymon pedals?

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asked Feb 18, 2019 in Basic by asphaltsurfer (130 points)
You need to have the layout in MD and the BigSky on the same MIDI channel.  Have you checked to make sure they are on the same Channel? Cheers,
Thanks for your help. Originally I had tried setting the big sky and big sky layout to Channel 5. For some reasons on the layout it kept reverting to channel 16. I adjusted the channel on the big sky to 16 and it is now working. ‍♂️
That is strange, do you own the Extra Features Pack?  To edit another person's layout and change the channel of it you do have to own the EFP
I don't think I own the extra features pack.  There's an admin tab on the big sky layout that lets me change the channel.
So the channel change isn’t saving without the EFP?
Sorry, I think I see the confusion: if the layout doesn’t require the extra features pack to enter design mode, then you’re probably fine.