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Lexicon PCM 81 SysEx Variable Bits - MIDI Designer Q&A

Lexicon PCM 81 SysEx Variable Bits

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asked Feb 17, 2019 in Advanced by ctreitzell (240 points)
edited Feb 17, 2019 by ctreitzell
Yes will do in the next 72 hours (hopefully today). The issue is that -- at least the way I did it -- it's some code. While you could translate that code from PHP to anything else, I think the better way to go is to MODIFY the page (or make another one) that will run through a bunch of values with the parameters you specify and produce output. Batching -- processing a set of values -- is kind of what you need right?
Okay sent, let's continue the conversation on email. Thanks!
Hi Dan,
thanks so much for all the help. Looks like my friend's python script was able to handle the sysex to midi conversions so I didn't use your Midi Byte Calc.

I have understood a lot ore about the PCM's SysEx response....there are parameters well beyond what the Lexicon Midi Implementation Details outline, which is great.

So, I guess my question has been answered!
All the values I need to use can be done natively in MDP2 =-D
That's awesome. If your friend wants some PHP work, let us know... glad you're sorted, rock on!
Hi Dan,
I will talk to my friend about sharing the python script. It is specific to my use case for Lexicon specific LSB sysex.
Currently, I haven't had the chance to double check his results by testing the PCM with MDP2. Sadly, I've been snowed under working on a bucketload of non-musical related projects :-/
I will happily share the excel with anyone who wants is a work in progress, tho...