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Prorgram changes in increments and relative to some index - MIDI Designer Q&A

Prorgram changes in increments and relative to some index

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asked Feb 2, 2019 in Advanced by fraggen (150 points)
Could you also put a few sample MIDI messages that you'd like to achieve. It might be easier to think about outputs. Thanks.
So say the bank was set to 5 it would send MIDI PC 14 (3*bank-1) then button A would send PC 14 (3*bank-1) button B would send PC 15 (3*bank) button C would send PC 16 (3*bank+1).

If bank up is pressed we are on bank 6 so that would send PC 17 (3*bank -1) and any subsequent press of A,B,C would send 17,18,19 until bank changes

So bank up/down changes the current index to 3*index-1 and sends a PC message to the beginning of the bank or maybe even have an option to make it just change the index but not even send that first PC since you really just want to change what PCs the A/B/C buttons send.