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Controlling device through PC Bluetooth

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Basic by rahstyle (130 points)
You should be able to connect MIDI via the PC here is a link to the resources for connecting.  Some extra (free)software is required as windows doesn't have build in support for Bluetooth MIDI(at least it didn't last time we checked) https://mididesigner.com/help/connecting-to-windows/  Let me know if the instructions in the link take care of your questions! Cheers,
Mitch are you sure there is BT support on Windows? rtpMIDI (and "Network MIDI" on Mac) is Wi-Fi only. It's better, generally, however...
Thanks I'll check it out!
So are you saying it may still work, but just via WiFi instead?
As of windows 10 they added Bluetooth MIDI support with this free app - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/midiberry/9n39720h2m05?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
However I have no experience of using it as I don’t own a PC,  but I think WiFi probably still offers a better connection.
Ill try both and see. My PC is wired into the network so when I use metagrid is lightning fast. I've always found BT a bit laggy, but we'll see. So will I need my DAW at all to run these connections then? Or is the midi communication done straight from rtp to the device without an intermediary like the DAW?
Got rtp connected to the enzo with midi on and channel 7 selected. Still not working though, so just trying to work through that
GOT IT! Wifi FTW! Had to reboot my interface for RTP and it works amazingly! Zero latency :) Thanks!!!
"near-zero" but yes, that's awesome, thanks everybody!
haha yes, "near zero" As an aside, I re-purposed an old iPad 2 form 2011 and it works great