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Issues Contrlling Meris Enzo and Polymoon

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asked Jan 23, 2019 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by brian-dehner (120 points)
recategorized Jan 23, 2019 by admin
This sounds like it could be a hardware issue, a faulty TRS cable has been a common one in the past.  However I can only troubleshoot MIDI Designer with you.  When you say neither pedal works when they are both plugged in - do you see any messages coming in to MIDI Designer if you open up the log in MIDI Designer and turn a knob on the pedal?
brian emailed us:

> Thanks for your prompt reply. I have it working now! It is very exciting to see the possibilities with this new setup. My problems were the result of just going by the Meris manuals instead of watching their videos. And me just being new to both Midi Designer, iPads, and the Meris pedals

all's well that ends well!
Brian unfortunately responding via email doesn't work, glad Mitch got you sorted!