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Fcb 1010 note messages - MIDI Designer Q&A

Fcb 1010 note messages

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asked Jan 19, 2019 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by bubu (120 points)
The first thing I would think is double check your pedalboard buttons and make sure they aren't set to MIDI OFF-> ON to CC 127-127.  If so they will latch in momentary control, just change the OFF to 0.  I hope that fixes your issue but if not let me know! Cheers,
Thank you for the reply.FCB sends note on note off messages like a keyboard.It triggers the button on pedalboard page.but that button doesn’t trigger the button on the design page.But if I do it with my finger it works as expected like the other supercontrols.I have a half baked workaround with MidiFire,but with Mdp would be more practical using the transposers and channel changers to adopt the pedalboard to the moment’s needs.
Okay thanks for the info. To make sure MD is reading the input from the FCB properly use the MIDI learn feature to tie the controls together.  If you haven't done this yet then tap on one of the buttons on your pedalboard in design mode.  Under the midi tab there is a learn button, select this and then send the message from your FCB.  Then exit design mode and see if it is working.
Hi thank you.All those basic things already done.As I told at previous post the connection between Mdp and pedalboard is ok.pedalboard triggers the pedalboard button .but the button that triggered by the pedalboard does not trigger the button that is assigned as sub control on the design page unless I change the button propertie to toggle .peace.
Right, thanks. I wanted to rule out all the simple stuff. I will investigate and see if I can recreate the issue.