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Change text / label based on MIDI receive value - MIDI Designer Q&A

Change text / label based on MIDI receive value

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asked Jan 10, 2019 in Basic by floyd99 (120 points)
edited Jan 10, 2019 by floyd99
Hey Dave, awesome work and news. If memory serves, the label size for the control will bump up the text label (named tick) size. If you're not using named ticks (and then you're talking about the number in the knob center), then you might want to try named ticks. With the Extra Features Pack, you could also do Picker controls, which might be another way to go (with named ticks).

Back up early and often: Mailing your layout to yourself is an easy way.

Thanks Dan.

So, there's no "text box" that takes input from MIDI? (rather than using an actual control?). Is it possible to add feature?  I don't need the control function, i just want to display the received value.  In fact, for safety, I will turn off the touch so i can't control.  So ideally just a big text field in the middle of the screen is all I want.  I thought this would be simple to achieve.

- Named ticks .. i did play with this, and it would be useful, except obviously requires a lot of data entry.. and every different show i do would need the data updated, as all the entries would change.  It would be so good if MIDI could send the patch name as a value that could be displayed. :-(. so annoying that it doesn't.

- I got the feature pack and tried Picker .. unfortunately the text size isn't customisable (unless i'm missing it??). Regardless how big i make the control, the text doesn't get big with it.

appreciate your response.  i'm pleased i have something working, and it will be useful.
Not yet: label only control that will display named tick box from a supercontrol is coming this year at some point, but we have many fish to fry and they keep delivering the oil in small batches.
...but can I use Stream Byter to set the string of a label?
Hey there no you cannot. Streambyter cannot do anything that you couldn't do with an external MIDI controller (in fact, we've just got two SB modules, one on input and one on output... it's nearly external to MIDI Designer). Hopefully that makes sense. So many lovely features to add, of course, and some deeper integration with SB is certainly possible.