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Rating: GoldLAYOUT: UNO Synth Presets Direct Access

+2 votes
Rating: Gold
asked Dec 8, 2018 in Community Shares by gedankensalat (890 points)
edited Apr 26, 2019 by gedankensalat
This is awesome, thanks for sharing, we'll let Jakob know, too!
IWhhhoooo. Around 10 hours work in this design changes. Its a lot of fun.

( and i use it for music making after finishing)
Now this is formidable, amazing, thanks for sharing!
Thank you (Dan) for your very friendly rating.
As soon as I have designed my own presets, I will release an adapted version (additional).
UNO & MidiDesigner pro = a perfect team.

------>>> (Is a version 3.x planned in 2019?) (Some iOS 12 features (splitscreen / AU3version / ...?) ;-) <<<---

Thanks for the excellent support.
Hope that even more musicians recognize the possibilities of Midi Designer PRO and participate.
If i could make 2  wishes ;-) :    More TAB pages to integrate more features.
                                     Easier handling of (self) prefabricated modules) like Keyboard, Buttongroups, ...
Yeah, prefab controls are a thing we want to do, but it's not a tiny feature. The thing about more pages: you are aware that Page Banks give you a total of 48 pages (6 pages x 8 banks), right?
OOOOOOooohhhh. No i dont know about

48 pages (6 pages x 8 banks)

So i must read again the manual.
Thank you, will test it.
My dream is to combine all Layouts i made (for all my devices) in one layout.
Will see if it is possible and logicaly . ;-)