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Change present in MD from midikeybord - MIDI Designer Q&A

Change present in MD from midikeybord

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asked Oct 29, 2018 in Basic by periks (130 points)
I believe what you want is possible. Could you give me a bit more information on your presets and setup?  Where are you recalling presets from? Are these presets saved on the iPad?
Hi! I control an organ module from my Yamaha Modx. The module does not have any controllers and the controllers on the modx are very limited for midi purpouse. Instead of using an external drawbar controller I found MIDI designer. I have now made a design for my module that works god for controling the module in live situations. From my modx I can change preset for the drawbar settings in my module but it would be much better if I could let my modx change the preset in MIDI designer and then MIDI designer sends the settings to the organ module. If I can get that to work the drawbar controllers in midi designer (sliders) Will be in the right position that correspond to the drawbar settings in the module. IF that doesn’t work maybe i can use buttons in midi designer to recall a preset?

Thanks, that is helpful to understand what you are trying to do.  There are multiple ways to go about this. How I would do it is set up a picker with the preset subtype.  
Make the picker a super control of all the drawbars you would like to control
Then make a Store preset button and a recall preset button.
Under Other relationships on the relationships menu of your preset picker set store preset and recall presets to these buttons.
Now you have a place to save presets on MD

Next create a button or knob that responds to the messages set to MD from your module.  Make this button the super control of the preset picker.  If you have multiple buttons for changing multiple presets then make multiple buttons in MIDI Designer each correlating to the midi message on the module you want to send to change the preset picker.  
I hope this is a start, let me know if you need more clarification.  Best,