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Rating: GoldLAYOUT: Meris Enzo controls and presets

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Rating: Gold
asked Sep 12, 2018 in Community Shares by mitchelldr (420 points)
edited Nov 15, 2018 by mitch-admin
Nice work! Looking forward to the results when you test it with the device. So...there's no way to query the device to get it to "tell" MD what current values are?
The meris pedals do midi in and out so I could have used the learn feature in MIDI Designer to save my self a significant amount of time making the layout if I would have been patient and waited until I had the pedal to do it.  It will also track the current values so knob changes on the pedal are reflected on the iPad screen.
Agreed. Are the buttons below PC - and PC + supposed to be one layer back? Amazing to know that the Meris stuff talks the same MIDI back that it expects. That's a good thing.

Thanks for sharing!
Not sure how to PM on this site, so here are some issues (FYI, I am using bluetooth from iPad into a Yamaha bluetooth controller into the Meris MIDI I/O into and out of the Meris), sorry for the noobish questions below.

MIDI Designer says I have super controls with no sub controls when I try and save a patch in the app. I have no idea what that means. Can someone assist there?

Mode, Wave Shape and Envelope type do not really work from MIDI Deisgner. Now and then wave shape does. Like once out of 5 tries. I am not sure why this is. The knobs all work great though,  I can easily control them from MIDI designer.

If i switch through the 16 presets in the Enzo using the PC options, the knobs do not change in the template. May be my issue here, I don’t know. But it would be awesome to see the knobs change to reflect the preset.

I saw you all mention a learn mode. How do I do that? Maybe that can help.

Enzo can be set for MIDI out or MIDI through. I currently have mine set for MIDI out. Is this correct?

Those are some main things for now that I’d like to get feedback on so I can learn this software and maybe assist in making the template better for everyone.

I saw a learn mode mentioned. Not sure
Hey sorry I thought I updated this after I got the pedal in.  I'll post an updated version this evening which addresses all your issues and explain the learn feature, thanks for letting me know about your issues!  Supercontrol with no sub isn't a big problem but will fix that too.
thats awesome, really appreciate it!
Hey bass player - No problem about the "noob questions".  This app is deep so just take it slow, I find new things about it all the time!  Okay it should be all good.
ON MIDI Through or OUT and LEARN - Cant remember if they are set to MIDI out or Thru but are you seeing the knob move on the iPad when you move it on the pedal? If not then switch to the other option.  You should see the changes you make on the hardware reflected on the pedal. Then you can use learn, when you create a knob, under channel - cc in the midi tab is a learn button, click that and turn the knob on the pedal you want the knob on the iPad to control and MDP2 will recognize the Channel and cc of the knob, this makes designing a layout so much faster.  
Please let me know if everything works for you now.
There may be glitches in the pedal itself I'm not sure -  I've encountered one glitch with the Enzo and MIDI control that I beleive is hardware related and I emailed meris about it, mostly just the mode light being on the wrong mode when I change the envelope button, which is confusing.  it is a great pedal but maybe a little rushed out, I was surprised as the other meris pedals I have are flawless but I did order from the first batch this time.
Fixed the placement of PC+ - as well.
Thanks for doing this. I do think there are bugs with the Enzo after using this template. Good news is I can save templates now so thank you again!

Enzo bugs - modulation knob has a give to it. Meaning I can turn the physical knob and it wont show anything until around 6 or 7.  Not a huge thing, but wierd

The square/Saw selector is still odd in how it responds to the button press. Another Enzo issue, but a non issue for me. I can easily just switch it on the pedal so I don’t mind.

SYSEX dumps over Bluetooth dont eem to work. I tried to dump a preset from the Enzo to the template and it did not do anything. Maybe that is a Bluetooth issue. For now I can just design sounds and save on the pedal and then on the iPad. That is fine with me, It wil take a little while to crank out 16 sounds that I would want to records and gig with anyway..lol.

Again, Thanks for doing this. I am terrible at building this kind of stuff, so you have saved me lots of time and frustration
No problem.  MIDI Designer isn't going to accept and translate SYSEX dumps from your presets, in fact I'm not aware of anything that does that(this would be a great feature in the future but I believe it would be a fairly complex process)
 One way I like to do it is to save sounds to the iPad and play with it and tweak them until I'm satisfied with the sound and then save it to one of the 16 presets on the pedal.  
I'm curious what you mean by nothing showing until around 6 or 7? I have no problem with my mod knob or it showing on the iPad so it would have to be something unique to your setup/pedal
Except for StreamByter, which is the solution to all of these things, and now it's built in to MIDI Designer.

Unfortunately, there are some new issues with this page (you might need to hit Google to get some of those links to work), but see: midiDesigner.com/streambyter
Thanks for that reminder Dan, I updated this layout with some Stream Byter rules so now it will accept Sysex dumps and update  the layout based on your saved presets.
So glad that SB worked in that capacity for you! I’m thinking that it’s going to be used a lot for sysex parsing. Audeonic’s stuff is very mature and well-built, so the capacity is there. Gotta spread the word! Thanks for digging MIDI Designer!
Hi, very nice template. I am having a problem with the sysex parsing though. When I press alt-mode on the Enzo a small red dot in the top right corner of the screen lights up, indicating incoming data. The settings in the layout does not update though. Checking the logs, I can see that the sysex dump is received and looks correct. I have made one change in the template, changing the midi channel from 7 to 8. This seems to work fine, as any changes done on the Enzo is reflected in changes in settings in the template. And sysex does not use midi channels, so should not be affected by this. Any ideas?
Hey Patrik, so unfortunately I did write the stream byter rules for channel 7 only.  You would have to rewrite the rule in SB to work on channel 8.  I'll keep this in mind when writing rules for SB in the future. Thanks,
Awesome layout! How can I change the midi channel on this?
You can change the MIDI channel if you have the extra features pack by going into design mode, selecting the Enzo tab to pull up Page controls and clicking Renumber Controls on the controls tab.  Then select Channel only when you select the channel you want to use.  
The Stream Byter rules are somewhat more difficult to change as they are written in a sort of coded language and those will not change with the reset of the layout.
ok thanks for the info :)
I changed the channel for all controls.  I would like to change the channel to channel 13 for the Stream Byter input rules.  I understand SB reasonably well, but I'm not great with parsing the MIDI bytes - I have to think very hard about them and look them up.  If someone could tell me a simple way to do this conversion for these rules I would appreciate that.  Thanks!