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Display only controls - MIDI Designer Q&A

Display only controls

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asked Aug 29, 2018 in Suggestions by jkhiser (16,080 points)
Yeah, we're looking forward to implementing several of these at some point. The top one on the list is a label that just shows its supercontrol's value. All things in time, thanks for your patience and these awesome suggestions.
Instead of just displaying the supercontrol midi value, would be more useful if it worked like a current knob, where you can change the display value with named ticks -- just like a current knob, only remove the knob around the display value, and inhibit output.

Just displaying supercontrol value will work, but may require an intermediate control to translate the MIDI to what needs to be displayed.  Would be nice to get it in one step, but I am getting practice linking super controls into logic trains.
Hmmmm... I hear what you're saying and it makes sense except in the case where the super already has the ticks. Maybe that's a basic split between ones that use their super's ticks and ones that don't.
Today, I can make a knob display the midi value (0-127), display an arbitrary display value (- 99 to +999), or a text value.  And these can have an arbitrary order using named ticks.  Just have to make it's output something the system will not care about, i.e. nonsense sysex.  

So I was hoping a display only control would retain this flexibility.
Understood. What's the use case (an example)?
In Hauptwerk, I need to display the crescendo stage.  I just used a knob.  It is not meant to be a control, since you are crescendo'ing with the pedal, but it can be.  Native crescendo goes 1-40, Hauptwerk crescendo goes to 31.

In future Hauptwerk update, I need to display the master combination stepper frame (both current and cued).  Those are just status -- where you are, where you are going.  I am not a good enough organ player to need 1000 combinations - I barely need 5 - but since it exists, I want to get it workin right in MD.

Finishing my RD-2000 Hammond preset keys (the reversed color keys, one octave) is still on my list.  Still hard coded, but I want to have the preset bank selectable, so you would have a persistent display of which bank you selected.  Would be nice to have each key display the currently assigned preset.  

Ha, but my ideas far outstrip my available time.  I could go on.