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How can a button light on and send sysex again? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How can a button light on and send sysex again?

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asked Aug 21, 2018 in Advanced by musima (120 points)

1 Answer

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Normally I would group the four buttons under one master control, and under super control options, chose the option that second press resends on value.

But your use of the second value sent on off muddles this solution.  Is the off sent only when you change to a different button?  In this case, this would work.

But if you want alternate presses of the button to keep the control illuminated, but alternate the message sent, this may be difficult.  You might need a second set of display only buttons, to show the last control used.  Building the appropriate display logic might require a few chained controls.

A simpler work around would be eight buttons, dividing the on and off between two buttons.  The grouping under one super with second press resends on, buttons send on only, would sort it out.  Not as elegant, but save the hair required to be pulled out while sorting the chained supercontrol logic.
answered Sep 5, 2018 by jkhiser (10,590 points)