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Layout: Controller for Korg Volca Sample - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: BronzeLayout: Controller for Korg Volca Sample

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Rating: Bronze
asked May 31, 2018 in Community Shares by gedankensalat (850 points)
edited Jun 3, 2018 by gedankensalat
Looks useful and cool, thanks for sharing! Is this the Volca you're controlling:
Yes, normal Korg Volca sample. With a lightning to dock adapter and a dock- midiadapter. Hope to find time to make more features and a better layout in the next days.

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Sorry, people. Have had no Time and Muse. Have made first a Volca keys layout. So if someone is interrested i will possible optimise this layout next time. ;-)

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Korg
Is someone intererrsted in an update?
answered Sep 27, 2018 by gedankensalat (850 points)