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On/off knob to a channel to mute/unmute the channel - MIDI Designer Q&A

On/off knob to a channel to mute/unmute the channel

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asked Apr 18, 2018 in Basic by larspedro (120 points)
Which mixer do you use?
User responsed: “t's not a mixer - instead an app (midifire)controlling 4 zones on a keyboard with individual midi channels”
Tell me more about your setup.
Instead of using my old Roland A90 masterkeyboard controlling a Yamaha Motif modul, where I have programmed 4 individual Zones to be played from the A90, I have bought 2 Apps (Midifire and Mididesigner), that can control 4 Zones played from a simple Yamaha P50 keyboard (it has no channel,volume,zone possibilities).
Everything is working OK, but I need  a one/off knob for each Zone in my Mididesigner app.
At the Moment I control volumes with a Fader for each Zone, and I have programmed a Knob on/off for each Zone, but it gets confused - because I have 2 volume actors on each channel.
I don´t know if it gives any meaning, but thats my Problem.

Lars Sørensen - Denmark
and everything is controlled via Ipad or Iphone.

2 Answers

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Hi Lars,

Here is a layout with a fader to control Vol(CC 7) with an Off button (sending CC7 0) and an On button sending the last fader value. If it's works for you, you have to create 3 others.

Hope this help,

Downloads: 118
Downloads: 118
answered Apr 25, 2018 by mlafontaineca (3,290 points)
Hej Michel
Thank You very much for Your quick reply. I will try Your programming as soon as possible.
the next couple of Days I'm on the Road Playing, so I have to wait till after that. (We have the World Hockey tournament in our town the next 3 weeks).
And I have returned my Hardware to the Selling Company due to bad connections - hope it´s only my Parts and not the quality of the iRig Midi 2 and powerbridge.
When I get new Hardware, I hope everything is working smoothly.
thanks again.

lars - denmark
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Hi Lars,

Another one with 4 ch.
Downloads: 112
Downloads: 112
answered Apr 26, 2018 by mlafontaineca (3,290 points)