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Toggle switch that resets with patch change - MIDI Designer Q&A

Toggle switch that resets with patch change

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asked Mar 27, 2018 in Basic by ron-ross (140 points)
Hey man, thanks for this post. I feel like we’ve discussed this over email (perhaps) and come to a resolution. If so, can you share it here on the QA site, or perhaps you posted it elsewhere and could link it?

Yes, we've been doing a bit of email question/answer as well. What I've gotten so far is a way to link all my patch changes together in a group so when I select one the other patch button turns off.  I have discovered a way to make the lead boost button turn off from within MainStage when I change patches. I changed the midi controller the boost to absolute.  Doing this allows me to leave the lead boost on the current patch I'm playing on through the end of the song. When I change to the next patch my level has been reset to standard playing level.  Although my volume has been changed back to default in MainStage, The Boost button remains lit. When I hit the boost button for the next song it turns the switch off and has no affect on my volume.  As soon as I hit it again, it lights up and I get the lead boost.  Hopefully Dan will talk us through how to make it turnoff when I change patches in MD2.
Is it possible that you need to shut off all your buttons and have some other (hidden) button turn on?
I’ll have to explore that option. It’s possible that if I link the boost button with everything else it will turn off the toggle when I hit the next patch. I’ll give it shot next week.
Thanks for the idea.