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Changing patches on mainstage 3 from MDP 2 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Changing patches on mainstage 3 from MDP 2

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asked Mar 18, 2018 in Basic by ron-ross (140 points)
Please try program change on a knob and see if main stage reacts and then please report back. Thanks
Ok. I mad a knob and set it time program change. There is a reaction. On click 0 it changes to my first patch on click 1 it goes to patch 75. I have a total of 109 patches in mainstage. I messed around with the midi min/max and the d fault value and nothing would happen.  I do see the knob changing values From 0-127 in the midi input window in mainstage.
That’s all very odd but we will figure it out. Try sending a bank select to see what happens
That didn’t work either. I do have something going now. I made a button for every patch on mainstage and mapped each one to change to the desired patch. Then I made buttons in Mdp2 and mapped them to it. Works like a charm.  Thanks.
    I do have a couple of more questions.  Can you link the 2 sides together like page 1 left and page 1 right change with 1 command. I’m thinking I could set up a super button and make it change both pages together.  Another thing that would be very nice for me is to be able to set the buttons up so they stay lit like a toggle but go off when I change to another button.  The reason for this would be assurance that I was on the right patch. I do see it quickly light when I press it in momentay already. Another thought is to set them as toggles and let them stay lit after I use that patch. Lit patches would show as already been played songs. Like scratching off the list after it’s played.
It’s getting deep for me as a newbie.  I can’t wait to get this all going.
Check out One Big Page in Config -> Options. Have I mentioned the manual?

I think what you want are called Button Groups in MIDI Designer, maybe (they're radio buttons elsewhere)[]=button&s[]=groups#button_groups

I found the best way to change patches in Mainstage. In the attributes window of the patch not an individual channel, there is an option to turn on program change and set a bank and number.  I set up basic program changes in mdp2 and that’s it. Works like a charm.
     I have the pages linked and all the buttons are grouped and working together.  If anyone has questions on mainstage, I may be able to help. I’ve gone through pretty deeply at this point.