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Faders MIDI designer that would read Midi messages? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Faders MIDI designer that would read Midi messages?

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asked Jan 25, 2018 in User Support, Open by adrianqo (240 points)
recategorized Apr 1, 2018 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hey there, are you asking about getting Logic to send back the position of Faders?
Hello, Yes I am asking about it. I use MIDI faders to control CC11 Expression, CC21 Vibrato. CC16Speed. But then when I play back faders positions are not In the right place so I can hear a jump in the volume when I touch faders. Please help.
So the question is how to get Logic to send MIDI back to a mapped fader. You can start here -- -- but we're not sure at this time whether Logic will send back or not. Ableton, for instance, is automatically set up this way.

Anyway, this topic can be discussed here:

We'd love to find out something more than we know right now, but being experts in every DAW is beyond us. Also, we haven't owned a copy of Logic in years, which makes it harder to try out.

Did you get this sorted? How? Thanks!