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iPhone as Bluetooth pedal... it works! - MIDI Designer Q&A

iPhone as Bluetooth pedal... it works!

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asked Jan 20, 2018 in Basic by fprintf (140 points)
edited Jan 20, 2018 by fprintf
Always glad to hear success stories, especially on iPhone and that have to do with other, awesome apps, like Quantiloop. Thanks for sharing!

There's a setting for "wrap text" or something in MD for labels, by the way.

So it might be worth getting it to look a tiny bit nicer and then uploading the layout here for others... your call, of course, thanks!
Thanks for the suggestion, it is a bit of a work in progress. I've made the changes you recommended, and actually had done them shortly after my first post. Anyway I am also using Tonestack by Yonac and may also amend page 2 and 3 to help with that.
When I get it to a good place I'll do the community shares post with LAYOUT etc. In the meantime if anyone has any other suggestions I'm very much open to them.
That’s great news. At the same time, we’re flirting with the idea of doing an iPhone-only version of MD, which would increase the userbase for this app by a factor of some number greater than one (hopefully).

Good luck, enjoy the tinkering/development!
The current universal application works great on my iPhone now, do you mind if I ask what you hope to gain by going iphone only? I always thought universal apps were the holy grail... though perhaps if you are talking about a less expensive version I would have bought that instead of the full Pro2 since what i needed was connectivity and a few buttons.
Yes, precisely, it's just about number of devices and increasing awareness/penetration. It would also serve as a stepping stone to getting these users the iPad layouts to their phones (and that's a significant piece of work).

But this is all theoretical for the time being...
Nice.  That's what I'm doing in this simple little thing.  Stopping on my phone to add a bass amp!  Just one big button that says bass.  Socks work.  Sorry its not pictured.  But its there!
Fun stuff, thanks for sharing!

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how to do it?

Can anyone please tell me how to connect iPhone with iPad to use first one as a trigger for the second one? If I've misunderstood this topic, please correct me. I'm looking for an app to switch note sheets on my iPad using an iPhone as a "pedal".
answered Apr 29, 2019 by tometsuku (140 points)