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I want to use a sysex message receive button to trigger Program Change out - MIDI Designer Q&A

I want to use a sysex message receive button to trigger Program Change out

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asked Jan 5, 2018 in Basic by lewisizer (240 points)
Hey there and thanks for your question. We're looking into whether there's an issue with sysex receive in 2.95, which would be odd given that we use sysex in the Lab frequently. Please bear with, thanks.
MD does learn the sysex message for each button i've sent, but I can't seem to get the sub-control to be triggered to send out the Prgchg/ Bank data.
Thanks for your fast reply!
So the thing about sysex is that you need to include a value -- a V in the sysex bytes -- to allow it to receive values properly. You might be able to pretend one of your bytes is a V in case your incoming sysex does not actually contain a variable byte or bytes, but anyway... give this a go and see how your experimentation moves forward.


Dan Rosenstark, Author & CEO
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If you happen to have two iPads or an iPad and an iPhone, etc., you can connect via Wi-Fi from one device to another for more testing possibilities. But I digress...
OP reports that subbing out a  byte with a V worked; we're continuing the conversation via our support desk and hopefully one of us will circle back when we're 100% sorted. Thanks!
Thanks for the excellent tip.
I tried inserting V in this sysex message and it worked:
Yamaha 8 bytes    F0 43 70 71 41 03 00 F7 ccnverted to MD: 43 70 71 41 03 00 V
On my external MIDI Keyboard controller panel each button selects a different patch, which means as soon as you select a different patch button, the previous indicator light goes off and the selected button light turns on.
What is the correct way to get MD button indicator to do the same?
Thank you Dan again for your kind assistance.