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General question about Midi designer pro - MIDI Designer Q&A

General question about Midi designer pro

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asked Dec 21, 2017 in User Support, Open by vcs (150 points)
recategorized Mar 18, 2018 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hey there, my initial response is “yes:” MIDI Designer Pro 2 can send out PC and CC changes in response to external MIDI (i.e., your foot controller). Your foot controller sends... control changes? How many parameters are you expecting to send to the Moog (which doesn’t really matter, but you’ll need to set up every parameter yourself for the Sub Phatty).

Just kicking the question about a bit to ensure that we’re not missing anything.

Also, how are we getting MIDI in from the foot controller to your iOS device (and MDP2)?And how are you getting MIDI to the Moog?
Ah cool, the CC messages would be from an expression pedal connected to my foot controller. I am using an Irig IO.
Hey there, did we drop the ball on this, or did this get resolved another way? Yes, you could translate from incoming MIDI to outgoing MIDI, but the main issue is to get everything hooked up and sending, receiving and resending MIDI in the first place.