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Midi Designer as Game Controller - MIDI Designer Q&A

Midi Designer as Game Controller

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asked Oct 20, 2017 in Advanced by sartzsche (150 points)

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Here are some very simple answers: Question 1: could “send on only” do what you need? You can set it for a button group supercontrol in options. Question 2: a subcontrol will not affect a supercontrol if the supercontrol has more than one subcontrol (even if a second subcontrol is not actually used and is hidden in performance) Question 3: You could do a three-position switch with a crossfader in MD with three ticks.
answered Oct 26, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected Oct 27, 2017 by sartzsche
Thank you for your ideas. Question 1: I tried "send on only," but had issues with buttons in MD getting out of sync with buttons in game. I did figure out a workaround, which involves radio switches as supercontrols (buttons A, B, C, D each paired with a knob and button X); this way, button X (on) would toggle off buttons A, B, C, D in MD and only send midi for button X. I hid the knobs in the pedalboard panel. Question 2: The additional hidden subcontrol helped, but I had to separate HOVER OFF/ON functionality to two buttons to keep button states synced between MD and the game. Question 3: I've yet to try the crossfader idea, but it looks promising. Thank you for the help!