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As MIDI foot controller - MIDI Designer Q&A

As MIDI foot controller

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asked Sep 16, 2017 in Basic by take736 (130 points)
No problem with the English, but can you please explain what the Up/Down function is supposed to do? Thanks.
Thanks reply.
Up/Down means...

Set [1] to [10] switches are program change number.
I can't get more than [11]~.

So,Many MIDI foot controllers have Up/Down switch to recall more presets.

When tap [up switch] plus,
10 number to [1] to [10] I can get [11] to [20].
Tap [up switch] again,I can get [21] to [30].
And more again.

[Down switch] minus.... similar.

My above sentence is strange MIDI thinking.

Simple way.
I have 10 (for Program Change) switches and Up/down switches.
I want to recall more number of preset.
So,How is best for Up/Down ?

Thanks MD!
Check out the answer below and see if that helps. Thx.

1 Answer

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You've got two ways to do this in MIDI Designer: 

  1. Channel Changers [ in Manual ]
  2. Different Pages, and you can set up buttons to move between them [ Bank and Page Jump Buttons in Manual ]
answered Sep 17, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
May My "Preset" made you misunderstood...sorry.

[My connection environment]
I connect iPhone to mac midi-patch-bay to FractalAudio AxeFX2 Guitar DSP.
MIDI channel is 1.

More simple question.
My MD's [P1] button can send program change 1 to Axefx2.
How can I get [P1] button program change 11,21,31,41,,,,with [up] button?

I know max value is 128,Next option is BANK.
Thanks your supports!
google steppers and midi designer. Thanks!