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keeping knobs & buttons consistant ? - MIDI Designer Q&A

keeping knobs & buttons consistant ?

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asked Jul 16, 2017 in Advanced by re5etuk (290 points)
slowly figuring it out.
the button order in the subcontol is important...i didnt realise it mattered .
it seems , the 2nd button in the list triggers the 2nd value in the list/named tick list.

so basically i setup a slider with named ticks , make buttons that are subcontols of that , and the 1st button in the list will snap values to the 1st value in the named tick/list. i think... further investigations continue...
so to add to this.
i setup the knob with correct values and CC , midi channel
as i dont entirely know what I'm doing.

i setup the same amount of buttons and assign them in the order of the named ticks.
i also setup each button with the correct cc , midi channel and force the off/on midi values to match the value in the supercontroller.

warning : things go a little weird if you dont have the amount of buttons match the amount of ticks... again i'm probably missing something.

seems to work.
i'm sure theres a tick box somewhere that triggers all midi from the supercontroller and only uses the buttons for 'visuals'
but generally its made my layout much better / consistant

welcome to diary of an idiot.
Hello Re5etuk

The super control doesn't send out midi. CC and midi channel are irrelevant there. Only the sub controls send midi so there the CC and the midi channel should be entered.

And yes, the ticks in the super control need to match the amount of buttons.

Did you see this chapter? If you didn't try it. It will make things more clear for you.

To see the same set value on other pages you will need to copy your super control knob and sub control buttons. The Copy action (which makes your control shareable among pages) is something different from the Make Similar action. You need to use Copy in this case. Make Similar is used when you want to create a copy of your control and want that copy to be independent from the value changes in the original control.