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Selecting a button 'Open URL' via external Midi Controller - MIDI Designer Q&A

Selecting a button 'Open URL' via external Midi Controller

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asked May 6, 2017 in Advanced by josef (410 points)
recategorized May 6, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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This has to be a permissions thing with iOS, because if we are able to process anything at all in background, URL should work.

Thanks for your kind words about MIDI Designer, it's users like you that keep the project rolling forward!
answered May 6, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected May 8, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
ok, thank you for your quick reply! It is what I supposed, that's an iOS thing, as far as I understand.
It really does make sense. They don't want a backgrounded app changing the foreground app. There's a price to sanity!
Good, I think I understand better now. And I am sure that you deal very carefully with those things.
I found a workaround that is quite satisfying for my purposes. I created a PDF document that contains a hyperlink to MD (and also other apps) which I open with iBooks. In MD I made a button with the link to iBooks (iBooks://).
Now I can access the PDF at any time (when not in MD) as side-app / slide-over, tab on the link for MD, and it switches immediately to the app.
Or, what's more important for me, when MD is currently the side-app, I tab on the button for iBooks (in MD), then link to MD to have the full page. Ok, that needs two tabs, but is still very fast.
Unfortunately all other apps that I use don't support slide-over or split view, so I always have only this small side window that cannot be expanded. In some situations perfect, but sometimes I desire the full page.
I know, this is a bit stupid, but it works quite well for me. Maybe other users have the same 'problem' and have better ideas than me.
We used to call these "hacks" but now we call them "workflow tips." Nice!
Oh, thank you! I was wondering if such a workflow would officially be accepted or welcome.
still keep on thinking ...
MD does all that is possible to communicate with other apps. The perfect solution for me would be the option with slide-over, if only the window could be expanded to full page. Am I right when I assume, that other apps must also have the slide-over feature by themselves to be able to expand MD from the side window to the middle and completely to the left to become the foreground app then? So, then it's up to other applications.
Before I start this inquiry I want to ask you: has it been very much programming work to implement this feature?

Question #2:
Did you ever consider adding a tiny little bit of audio functionality to MD? For instance a test-tone at 440 Hz (I say just anything), to become also an audio application (with Inter-App Audio???!!).
MD could then also be accessed as plugin in an audio host. And with the IAA control bar switching between apps would be possible.
I can of course imagine, if you start with that, your work will multiply until never ending. So, if you just refuse this thought, I will fully understand. Only an innocent idea from my side.
It's trivial to support side by side, but if your app doesn't support variable screen sizes it can be a lot of work. For us it was a huge amount of work.

Regarding audio: supporting IAA isn't easy, but also not part of our mission. But it's a conversation we have had and continue to consider, so I appreciate you mentioning it.

Thank you for your reply!
The app where I would need it urgently is iVCS3, I am permanently switching between MD and iVCS3. It is both for iPad and iPhone, I don't know if that means automatically that it supports variable screen sizes. I asked already at apesoft.
Would be also good in Animoog and Model 15.
Besides that, I looked now at all my installed apps, and there is no audio app that supports side by side, not even GarageBand, although all other apps from Apple do it. The only "audio" app is Audiobus 3, which I don't use, because I use AUM for audio routing, but I was interested in how it would work.
Might there be another restriction by Apple that prohibits IAA and split view at the same time?
Right now I got the answer from Alessandro Petrolati (apesoft, iVCS3). It's impossible for him, the space is too small and it would become unusable. So I give up with that. But not completely.
The thing with "Open URL" in MD is such a great idea. Am I allowed to suggest this as possible solution to developers of other apps, or do you have a copyright on that? In my opinion this would deserve a copyright, but would be very helpful, if other apps offer this option too.