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How to Change the Channel from MD to Midi Controller (Samson Graphite 25)

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asked Apr 17, 2017 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by sellimher (190 points)
Have you seen Channel Changers in MIDI Designer? Might be relevant: http://mididesigner.com/wiki/doku.php/manual:chapter-relationships-2#channel_changers
That is not exactly what Im looking for, basically I want to change the channel on my external midi controller using MD, but in this case the channel is changing on the apps.
So you're asking for a Samson-specific command to change the channel on this device, right?
Nop, I am asking for Midi Designer Pro option, a way to control the channel setup on my Midi Controller (Samson), so when I press a button on Midi Designer Pro, the channel will change on the Midi Controller (Samson). I want to be able to control mi Device using MD.
Can your Samson Midi Controller change its midi channel by midi?