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Off topic: is anyone using MD with iConnectivityMIDI4+ - MIDI Designer Q&A

Off topic: is anyone using MD with iConnectivityMIDI4+

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asked Apr 11, 2017 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by byronsanto (800 points)
I've come to the conclusion that MD does not support multiple MIDI Ports therefore it ignores the 16 MIDI Ports for the USB Jack. It appears to use port 1.
Hi Byron, we don't own a iConnect MIDI 4+ but with the older ones, we're able to see all the ports separately in MD. Are other apps able to see the ports and MD is not?
I get the same results from MD, MIDI Tool Box and recently acquired Animoog.

What I see in all apps are the other DIN and USB jacks but not the actual jack my iOS device is connected to.

 What I discovered is the physical jack that my iOS device is connected to is actually connected to the app behind the scenes. In MD I would then select DIN 1 for the out if I wanted to Route MD to DIN 1.

Is that how MD is suppose to work? My other two apps are working the same.

im starting to believe it's an iOS 10 issue.
I use an iConnectMidi 2+. It should not differ much from yours, but all my ports are visible. I can send to USB, DIN 1 and DIN 2 port. USB NONE I never select. Other apps see the same.
I purchased a 2nd iCM4+ and I see the same in it with all of my iOS devices.

I never see the physical jack my iOS device is connected to and I only see the pack names. No ports for the USB jacks.