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Set up button group that can be controlled by hardware? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Set up button group that can be controlled by hardware?

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asked Mar 14, 2017 in Advanced by drumunkey (340 points)

1 Answer

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Third party midi filter

It sounds like you're asking for an option for "receive on-only" that is similar to "send on only" option for buttons.  

I imagine you could run the MIDI through another app like MIDI Flow to filter out the off commands. Would that work?
answered Mar 15, 2017 by hymnotix-grooves (680 points)
Yea, that's kind of what i need I think. Good idea on trying midi flow for this. Thanks!
There are two pieces to this. One is... you cannot get the button group behavior to feed back right now. You should instead make the supercontrol for the button group a subcontrol of OTHER buttons that you control with the launchpad. Which still wouldn't solve your case. However... we're working on an integration for pedalboards and you'll be able to do this with any hardware. I have a video somewhere showing me with the Launchpad MK2, but... not sure where it is.

Also, hymnotix's suggestion could work too. Oftentimes I don't have the last word on this stuff.