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Problem using a Presets knob together with a Channel Changer knob - MIDI Designer Q&A

Problem using a Presets knob together with a Channel Changer knob

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asked Mar 5, 2017 in Advanced by carpenzano (370 points)
Hey there, we'll look into this this week, perhaps for 2.9. Thanks!
Pushing a fix to beta right now. Look out for the notifications from TestFlight/Apple and make sure to accept. Thanks!
You're using a Channel Changer Knob + Presets or just a regular Channel Changer knob? Because a regular Channel Changer knob should not overwrite, but a CC + Presets should...
Done! I'm waiting for your notification. Thanks
I'm using a regular Channel Changer knob, but the same happens with a Channel Changer Knob+Presets.
I've discussed this elsewhere here on the Q&A, but if you have two Presets supercontrols -- whether they are also Channel Changers or not -- they will overwrite each others presets. The way to avoid this -- and this solution is only valid for non-channel changers, clearly -- is to use different MIDI ranges for the supercontrol... this is because you get one value per CHANNEL (MIDI value) for the supercontrol for each subcontrol. Sorry that's a bit complicated. Mi spiego ;)?
NOTE: TF says it notified you on Mar 21?
You're right...I had received the notification but haven't seen it, sorry.
In my layouts I have only 1 Presets supercontrol and only 1 Channel change knob.
Anyway, I have tried a simple template in 2.9.0 beta version and everything works fine.
Many thanks.