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Rating: GoldLAYOUT: Arturia Synclavier V v1.3

+2 votes
Rating: Gold
asked Mar 2, 2017 in Community Shares by mlafontaineca (3,600 points)
edited Feb 28, 2019 by mlafontaineca
Wow, this is so great, and it's amazing to see your layouts advancing. Congrats on the GOLD for this one, easily and clearly deserved, big up!
Thank you! It's so much fun.

1 Answer

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Nice job! But I can't get it to work. Synclavier listens to all midi channels, input on any.

Do you have any tips?
answered Feb 27, 2019 by audiunt (190 points)
VST2 seems to work better ;-)
I will be happy to help you. I use Synclavier VST3 with Cubase 10 and its' work very well. If your input is on any it's perfect. Did you import the midi config file (Mididesigner.zip) in the Synclavier? It's also important to note than some controlers transmit only when you release the knob like Transpose and Bit Depth in the first page.
Thank you! VST3 doesn't work at all. VST2 gives me almost all functions on the Master page. I now understand how Bit Depth works. Transpose does not work. All Polyphonic Mode buttons don't work either. So are all other pages.

I use Bitwig (latest Beta release) and I have loaded the MIDI config file. I will try later on a Bitwig stable release and Cubase 9.5.

Would Bitwig have such an big impact over Cubase?
Did you try the standalone version?
Just did, exact same results. I can see midi messages coming in on the not working knobs. VST doesn't learn them.

rtpMIDI setting?
Can you tell me more about your setup?
Latest iPad pro 11 inch, latest versions of Arturia/rtpMIDI/Bitwig/MIDI Designer Pro. Brand new Lenovo T480 laptop on latest Windows 10.
Nice setup! There is no reason for it not to work if you have 1- imported the midi mapping. 2- In MDP2 Config—connection your PC is checked. 3-In the VST the midi button is NOT on.
With 'MIDI button NOT on' you mean the MIDI 'learn' button? It's strange indeed. I have no problems with the Omnisphere templates afaik. The other Arturia template for the Jupiter has the same problem: Almost all knobs and buttons work except for 2 or 3.

You are also using the Arturia V3 versions? I haven't installed the V2 versions anymore.

I think the issue with VST3 is caused by Bitwig.
Yes, the Midi learn button must be to OFF since you already have a midi template loaded.
In my Arturia Software Center I have the V collection 6 and my Synclavier V is up to date at
If you have 2 or 3 buttons not working in the other Arturia template you can Midi learn only these buttons and resave the Midi mapping.
Hope this help!
Hmz... there is only 1 Synclavier version, my bad ;-)

Relearning the MIDI doesn't work. It's like that specific CC is not accepted. I will try several things myself.

Thanks for all help so far!
Let me know if you find a solution. Also we could do a Teamviewer session if you want. Good luck!
I started with the Jupiter template and got things fixed by changing the midi CC in design mode. After that I could learn succesfully. They don't seem verry special, but I had to change:

1 - 1 Modulation
1 - 32 (Bank Select LSB)
1 - 33
1 - 44
1 - 64 (Damper Pedal)

These CC do not get accepted by Jupiter.

When I tried to edit your Synclavier template I was warned that I needed some feature pack (5 euro (!)) in-app buy. After that almost all Synclavier controls in the other tabs started working.

I couldn't get my head around the FX tabs. I can't seem to understand the relation with the VST.

I will check later if I can solve the last few knobs who don't work.
Happy to ear that. I don’t understand why there is some knobs that not work remember that some knobs transmit only when you release the knob (like transpose) There is 3 effects slots in Synclavier V, you can choose and control the effects even if you don’t see them.