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Copy A>B /AND/ use presets? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Copy A>B /AND/ use presets?

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asked Mar 1, 2017 in Advanced by drumunkey (340 points)
@Gurbz the A-B thing JUST copies values from one set of controls to another. There is no way to shut some controls OFF, though using a channel changer you could put one set of subcontrols into an unusable state while other subs go in to a usable state. Does that make sense?
Comment 1:I ‘ll read it again.
Comment 2: channelswitch?! Interesting! Never used that. Is there a question:topic in the Q&A that looks like this? Of course I’m gonna google it but its always nice to have a start. Thanks for your comments. MDP2 is easily the app I use most. It ‘s the new ticket to expression for guitar players. The A>B principle must be attracting for guitar player, a lot of multi fx work that way, 2 sounds a patch, dry and wet, backing and solo, etc
So: I have for example 5 knobs with sysex messages (bass, mid, treble, gain, volume) and I make a similar set of controls like I have a preamp A and a preamp B. Both sets of controls adress the same sysex so what happens when I use a channel switcher then? Midi channel 1 and 2?
The Channel Changer can alter one of the bytes of the controls (the one that you sub for L, I think). This has nothing to do with A/B functionality, but this would allow you to switch from one set of active controls to another. I think you should break out your question, simplify it, and make it a proper question on the QA forums with a focus on what you're trying to do . That way we could discuss there?

Thx for the kind words and entusiasm as always!