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How to make wide-width Tabs? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to make wide-width Tabs?

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asked Feb 22, 2017 in Advanced by ed_saxman (710 points)
recategorized Feb 22, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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Short answer: you need to use the Glow look (More -> Config -> Options -> Global Display Version) to get the newer, wider tabs. This will change all your controls to the newest version. You can then change each control to the old version, but you shouldn't do that. The new version is hard to get used to, but it really is superior in every way...

One huge advantage: Display Zero (part of the EFP, so you need to buy that)

answered Feb 22, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected Feb 22, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Music is not software. Software is not music. You can't connect the two in use or rights of use. You aren't posting your notes, you are posting a finished implementation, the same as a finished musical work. You are trying to relate apples to oranges, and it really doesn't compute.
Well, I might like to see the VL3 Editor source code, change every aspect I dislike, compile it by myself and put my name there, but instead I payed for a full license which does not even work properly on OS X and never saw a single update to fix the numerous bugs it have, but neverthless I don't blame the developer for not publish his work as open source software like many of us would like.

In order not to lengthen this discussion any further, I would like the MDP2 developer to at least consider the possibility of studying some way to upload non-editable templates, since I am not the only user who has ever demanded this. Honestly I think that denying this possibility is the efficent cause by wich many users do not share their hard work.
Hi guys, thanks for the conversation. Ed, you say: "Honestly I think that denying this possibility is the efficent [sic] cause by wich [sic] many users do not share their hard work." I'm aware of just about every single thing said about MIDI Designer on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc., and I've seen NO evidence of users holding back their layouts because they're worried that... what IS the fear here? That you'll lose your authorship cred? That's the ONLY thing we've managed to protect (with no effort nor safeguards at all). Take a hard look at the THOUSANDS of hours that users have put into the PLATINUM community layouts. Everybody knows what Ibo Kai did, what Helfried did, what Rainer did, Popup did, etc.... there's never been an attempt at.. what? Somebody claiming credit so they could get a job working at some company? What are we worried about here?

"I made that Ed Saxman layout!"
"No man, I made that layout!"
"Let's settle this outside!"

Share your layout with the World TO PROVIDE SOMETHING USEFUL TO OTHER PEOPLE and make the world a better, more creative place.
Well, to say that there was probably no need to highlight my misspellings in the language of the empire. Good thing you have not heard me speak! ;-)
I have not been angry about it, sometimes I do not look much at spelling when I write fast. And usually I fix it as soon as I realize it.

I appreciate the email that you just sent me, I like that content much more than this message, where it may seem to whoever reads this thread that who is somewhat angry is you.

Either way, I'm glad that my suggestion is taken into consideration, and that it may be implemented in the future, thank you, Dan.
Thanks Ed, and really, the main point is to enjoy MIDI Designer. If you create something that you want other people to enjoy, we've provided a basic sharing functionality. We'll definitely look into the option of locking authorship for layouts as you've kindly suggested.

Have a great weekend, best!

Dan Rosenstark
Author & CEO, MIDI Designer
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