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Connect Ipod Touch to Ad Hoc - MIDI Designer Q&A

Connect Ipod Touch to Ad Hoc

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asked Nov 22, 2012 in Basic by anonymous
Thanks for your question. On Mac we've had no trouble setting up via an ad-hoc connection (and personally I prefer it).

It seems like you're not even able to connect to the Ad-hoc network at all, and that we're not even talking about MIDI yet. Is that correct? You must be able to get your iPod touch to "ping" the Windows machine over the ad-hoc network.
Yes that's correct, but do you have any idea of how to get it to ping? I am not too savvy with setting up the networking and navigating though all the technical terminology, so any info you can offer helps.  Thanks.
Basically you need two things. One is a ping program (app) for your iPod touch, so search the App Store for that (should be free). Then you need to figure out the IP address of the Windows computer. Running "ipconfig" from a console should do it, or you can click around the Network connection and find the dynamically assigned address. Anyway, the address of your Windows machine is the one you want to ping.

That said, MIDI Designer isn't part of the problem (YET, later it will be), so if you ask stuff related to getting your iPod touch connected on, they can also help you. You should get ping set up anyway to figure out what's going on. Then, afterwards you might need to ask why you can't connect on (or another, similar forum), or you can google some stuff on ad-hoc connections (might be permissions issues with Windows 7).

Good luck on this phase of getting connected.