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Basic chord layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Basic chord layout

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asked Jan 27, 2017 in Basic by bluebeat5 (130 points)
sounds like MidiMux is causing a loop. You can check the log to verify this, but you can also just shut off MIDI Receive for the supercontrols:
Than you very much! Yes that worked.

One other thing. App store shows that there is an update 2.8.0, but once I click on it, it starts the download "circle" and than stops, showing that update is "still" available. All other apps that needed update, were updated without a problem. Restarted ipad, same thing.

P.S. Minor suggestion. I wish that app would open straight to the layout. I am guessing here, but I believe most of people who use MidiDesigner bought it for very specific tasks and once they designed their layout they going, most likely to stick to it or implement minor changes.  Or have an option of "Start app with layout X,Y..."   I am sure it was done as it was done for a reason, but I though to share my opinion.

Please let me know about the update.
Thanks, regarding your issues with the App Store update: Apple is a multi-billion dollar company that runs the App Store and the App Store app is indeed created by Apple. And there are 36.6 million results on your question:

But let's see: when you say "restarted the iPad" you mean that you did a hard boot?

Regarding the minor suggestion: we're working on it:  2.81 will allow you to do this, but if it's urgent, purchase the EFP and you'll see this button.

Thanks. Yes, I did a hard reset and and many other things. What helped was completely signing out of ipad / app store and signing back in. Finally, that way it was updated to 2.8
You must be tired of me by now already :)  Couple of other things please.
Is it possible to connect to PC via bluetooth? I enable and made discoverable BT on my PC.  My PC says connected to ipad. MidiDesigner loops on "Searching for Bluetooth LE MIDI device... Also loops on Searching for WiFi connections.

Thank you.
Hey there, not tired at all!

So regarding BT: do you Win 10 Anniversary Edition:

Also: rtpMIDI for Windows should let you do MIDI over Wifi: