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LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb

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Rating: Silver
asked Dec 19, 2016 in Community Shares by rob (120 points)
edited Dec 19, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Nice work. I'll add the manufacturer to the list today and make some other small mods to your post. Anything you want to say about the layout in the description, e.g., it controls everything/some-small-subset? Also anything you want to say about this gear is good too.
okay, straightened up some things and added Applied Research and Technology (ART) to the manufacturer's list. Nice use of images and congrats on this first layout!!!
This Art reverb was my favorite reverb back in the 80's.  I used it in the studio alot but now am mainly doing live sound.  Midi designer 2 gave it new life as I can control it in real time.  This is all done sysex.  I did not include dynamic controls. The Dr1 can do some cool things like control  decay with velocity cc etc. All rooms settings are included except one That is dynamic.  I could not find the manual so I had to use midiox and poke buttons.  Everything works great in both directions thanks to midi designer.  I forgot to bring the designer logo up on top of the artwork panel though.  Hope this is useful to someone.
Thanks, I'm just going to take that and put it in the description if that's cool? You SHOULD be able to see your layout in the in-app browser already.