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Sequential Subcontrols are not "exclusive"?

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asked Nov 14, 2016 in Basic by ed_saxman (710 points)
edited Nov 14, 2016 by ed_saxman
I'll comment on this later today. Short answer right now is "no," but the longer answer is about figuring out what what's needed and not needed to bake this feature into a future release.

Thank you, Dan! I think that would be awesome.

I thought I was doing something wrong, looking forward to that long answer! Nice to meet you and use your wonderful app. I hope I can show you the layout I'm doing soon, although at the moment she can not do everything I would like.
Thanks man. So another short bit on this: it seems like what we're discussing is that the knobs below are sending out their MAX (if they're below the knob that is currently being manipulated) or their MIN (if they're above the knob that is being manipulated) *if they are not in the right position when the sequential SUPER is moved*. We want a way to ONLY send the knob that is actually relevant to the SUPER move. (Not eloquent but:) Does that sum up the problem pretty well?

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similar issue

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Yes, I'm having the same issue and have been discussing it with Dan.  My use case is actually very similar:  I have two SUBS that are Bank/Program, and I want a SUPER that "concatenates" them.  When the SUPER is in the range of the 1st control, the 1st control value is sent and the minimum of the 2nd control value is sent, so my pedal receives both commands and defaults to the second one.  It would be great to have a "send one value" option.
answered Nov 15, 2016 by adamixoye (500 points)
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Any news about this?
answered Feb 18, 2017 by ed_saxman (710 points)
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Building non-sequential Bank / Program Changes

Had a similar problem to solve, and wanted to share my approach in case others had not discovered it. A search has not turned this up, so maybe new.

I needed to group a set of discontinuous patch changes, as follows:

84, 1, 127

84, 1, 128

84, 2, 1

84, 2, 2

84, 2, 8

84, 28, 1

84, 28, 31

No problem, made three separate bank/program change knobs, then linked them together as sequential sub controls.

Except, you get the correct value from the active subcentral, but the other two also send their min or max values.

So, I just sliced the problem the other way.

First subcontrol knob is msb/lsb, with 41 ticks.

    First two midi value is 10753 (84 * 128 + 1)

    Next eight are 10754 (84 * 128 + 2)

    Last 31 are 10780 (84 * 128 + 28)

Second subcontrol knob has the program change sequence, also 41 ticks.

    126 (subtracting one to get the Midi Value)








Now a third control, 41 ticks, that is the master, and has contains the patch names.

Link to the sub controls, and the channel controller, send on release only.  Ensure the MSB/LSB is first subcontrol.  MD appears to respect order of sub controls for transmission, but cannot confirm.

I have a workflow with spreadsheets to build my load values, so the workaround is actually easier to implement.

This will be included in RD 2000 Manger, ver 1.05, coming soon.
answered Jun 15, 2018 by jkhiser (19,870 points)