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iPad 2 with MIDI Designer Pro 2 - MIDI Designer Q&A

iPad 2 with MIDI Designer Pro 2

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asked Oct 3, 2016 in Basic by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
2016-10-03 16:49: I'm charging up an iPad 2 to answer this question empirically right now.

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Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Because the iPad 2 is the last iPad with a non-Retina display, MIDI Designer Pro 2 is actually quite snappy even with a huge layout (like this one), and it works quite well.

On the other hand: the iPad 2 is quite slow with iOS 9.3.5, and MDP2 doesn't look beautiful and wonderful and non-Retina resolution. But it works and it's actually nice and fast.

So: will it work? Yes, absolutely, and you'll be able to design your layouts and control your gear quite well. Would I recommend it? Well, if you can get an iPad Air or an iPad Air 2, do that! Check out the refurb deals from Apple.

answered Oct 3, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)