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Trouble with Wi-Fi Connectivity, iOS10 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Trouble with Wi-Fi Connectivity, iOS10

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asked Sep 19, 2016 in Defect (Fixed) by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
recategorized Nov 30, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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2016-09-19 12:51

Hi Everybody,

I just finished compiling my testing results and have also completed a fix. Issues with MIDI Designer 2.3 and IOS 10:

  • CONFIRMED DEFECT: MIDI Designer 2.3 and lower cannot connect to a MIDI Network Host (any other device, including a computer) using Network MIDI. This is due to under-the-hood and non-announced changes in CoreMIDI on iOS 10.
  • DEFECT LESSER THAN EXPECTED: MIDI Designer 2.3 and lower can receive a connection from another device using Network MIDI, but 80% of the time MIDI Designer will not show the connection in the Connections Panel, and can still show "Not Connected" on the top right.

What I'm doing about it:

  • I just patched MIDI Designer 2.4 to handle the first issue (outbound connections). All is working there. Will be out by end of week (Sept 24, 2016)
  • The second issue -- underreporting in-bound connections -- is, AFAIK, a bug in iOS 10. We're hopeful that Apple will issue a fix for this in the coming months.
I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I'll also be communicating better via mail (I'm already pretty talkative on Twitter and FB). Sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already.
answered Sep 19, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected Nov 30, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)