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Preset bugs..not recalling parameters - MIDI Designer Q&A

Preset bugs..not recalling parameters

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asked Jul 13, 2016 in Basic by paul-northfield (150 points)
recategorized Jul 26, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hey there, no, it's not a known bug, and we do love fixing bugs. Any interest in creating a self-contained simplest-possible example of the bug (if that's possible)? That would help a lot, both to see the bug and to use as a test-bed for fixing the bug. You could even use the upload functionality from the App to add it to your question here!

Thank you!
Dan (Author)

1 Answer

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MDP 2.2 has been submitted for review: it fixes this issue with XY Pads on Page-Make-Similar and Page-Load. Thanks!
answered Jul 26, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
I have issue with presets and working on separating the page with problem from the rest of the template. I have 20x4 controls split to two preset supers. I did started with 12 values as video shows even I would only need 4 presets and have them controlled via another button group. Example of less than 12 presets:  a) zero controls, b) set LFO matrix, c) set ENV3 matrix... (this is for Novation Circuit template). I cannot do this via global preset b/c I don’t NEED TO CHANGE another 3-4 pages of controls. So to be local with presets is GREAT I just it worked when you have many many controls.  

Yes I red somewhere that presets don’t work properly if there is channel changer as super and I do have those 80 controls under yet another super that changes the MIDI channel.  

Very frustrated, All I need to ZERO 4x10 controls to SOME initial state. I noticed also that I have a preset on another page that AFFECT this page and the Supers are not shared the only thing is shared between those pages is Channel Changer could that be the issue ?
Thanks, is this your question here?