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More delay time for batch send throttle - MIDI Designer Q&A

More delay time for batch send throttle

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asked Mar 13, 2016 in Suggestions (Already Implemented) by bba120 (440 points)
recategorized Nov 3, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
The problem, in short, is that the batch send doesn't actually get in between messages like these currently. It only gets between every 5 (or some number like that) messages AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL in a preset or a preset for groups... Anyway, we're thinking about ways to solve this problem, and it looks like we'll have to do something pretty soon after 2.0 comes out. Thanks for your patience.
Yup, I get it. This one is actually hindering me so I'll be looking forward to a fix. Thanks.
2.4.5 is in alpha right now with this feature. Looking forward to hearing how it works, thanks! Let me know if you're not on the Beta team, bba120, thanks!
Great. I think it's actually gotten worse as you guys have improved the speed So I look forward to seeing it. I'm not on the beta test list so that could be interesting. Is there a way to go between the production release and the beta in case I were to have problems?
Bba120: There's no conflict between Beta and the production release for MD. Different names, icons, everything. I'll add you to the team right now, watch for an email from TestFlight or Apple.
The latest build on TestFlight allows you to modify the output of individual controls. It also doubles the delay time. Thanks... please let me know if you didn't get the signup email!
The latest build on TestFlight allows you to modify the output of individual controls. It also doubles the delay time. Thanks!
Sorry to make you wait so long. Right out of the box it seems to work. My Nord is now switching octaves properly for example. Checking to make sure the volume settings are always "taking" is bit more subtle to really test but my instincts say yes. I am very happy! Thank you!
More info... I find I need to set the batch throttle at the max value to make the post program change values stick. 14 isn't long enough. I clearly see the octave LEDs change when the patch is loaded followed by the MIDI octave switch cmd coming by and changing it. Do you know how many mS of delay are being added?

The octave switch is an easy one to monitor because there are LEDs. Volume and other commands are a little trickier to test because of no visual info.

It says "legacy throttle on" when the batch throttle is at max. What does that mean?

Under the individual controls there is a new parameter for enabling legacy batch throttle. I think I might understand what that does but clarification would probably be good.
More testing... If the log screen is correct then it appears things aren't happening in the correct order.  It's sending like this:

B1 07 64
B1 1B 40
BF 3B 00
C1 29
B1 1D 40

Two of the B1 commands occur before the patch change (C1 29). One is volume and the other is a controller. The octave command I'm watching is the B1 1D command which is occuring after the C1. That explains why it works. The other ones should occur after the patch change and delay.

The BF command comes from one of the other controls in the layout. I can't find a way to make a control not send a message so I set the channel to 15 so it doesn't bother anything.
Hey there, I'll respond to all of these questions in the next 24 hours. I have to look at the code... the legacy throttle SHOULD be first in and first out and remain in order. The other throttle doesn't affect much (and both are on at the highest levels)... anyway, lots to explain, and a few things for me to test empirically (as you're doing) to see what's up. Thanks again.
bba120, you're right: messages' order is getting scrambled on the way out. Working on this now.
Okay, new build is up on TestFlight. Order is maintained and it seems quite robust now. Build is called 201610171337 aka 161017. Thanks!
I tested it more carefully today. It looks like all I have to do is turn on vintage throttle for the troublesome controls, leave the rest alone, and It's working. As I recall I was able to also set the global batch throttle to the minimum. I pronounce it "fixed".

As long as I've got your attention I wanted to remind you about the extraneous messages I mentioned in the thread. In one case they are coming from the recall button associated with my preset knob. You can clearly see it send BF 3B xx when the button is pressed and BF 3B 00 when the button is released. I set it to send on that channel to keep it from bothering the hardware but I think it needs to not send anything at all. I think I have a comment elsewhere on here about it.
Awesome, thank you. When is the Preset's recall button's value getting sent? When you send a preset, or -- more likely -- when you press it?
Okay, this is fixed in new release, coming in the next few hours... this will probably be the last add for 2.4.5. Thanks!
Beta just out with this feature, which I have to add to the liner notes ;)
Yes. The "BF" thing is fixed. The recall button doesn't do it anymore. The vintage throttle fixes the problems I was having with the nord missing commands. Now I can move on and better dial in my keyboard rig. Now I can get all of the song volumes dialed and so forth so I can just step my way through the show. I am so happy. Thank you.
Whoot! Don't forget to express your happiness via an awesomely positive review of the App, or sharing a video, or... using MD is quite enough, too, of course. Thanks for your help with testing.