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Does midi designer work with pro tools - MIDI Designer Q&A

Does midi designer work with pro tools

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asked Oct 17, 2012 in Basic by anonymous
Hi and thanks for your question. MIDI Designer doesn't work with HUI or Mackie Protocol. It's a general purpose MIDI Controller. T=So the question is: can Protools work with a general purpose MIDI controller? I know that some MIDI Designer users are using Pro Tools, but I don't know what their workflow is like. The ProTools forums would know more. Thanks for your question and purchase.

1 Answer

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Just did some testing with this today and so far, yes, Pro Tools can be controlled via MIDI. You just have to set up MidiDesigner to emulate the control signals of an M-Audio keyboard and set it as the 'to/from' device on the midi controllers tab of the peripherial setup page. So far I've only used it for transport control but I'm in the process of sniffing out the data for the rest of the functions. Since MD can handle sysex and NRPN's I don't see why someone can't assembe a HUI or Mackie emulator either. Finding info for the commands is probably the toughest part. Some guy had reverse engineered the protocol a few years ago but that page has since disappeared from the interwebs to my knowledge.
answered Dec 26, 2013 by bassntreble (180 points)
bassntreble, (or anyone else)

Can you share what progress you've made so far regarding sniffing of HUI messages?

Can you share any HUI data you have determined that works?

I am particularly interested in the following right now:

- How to control the right pan of a stereo track? (V-Pot, V-Pot switch)
- How to get LED's for V-Pots to work?
- Simulate track meters
- Simulate scribble strip for track names

Can you explain what you mean by "set up MidiDesigner to emulate the control signals of an M-Audio keyboard"?