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M-audio Oxygen -> Roland FA06? - MIDI Designer Q&A

M-audio Oxygen -> Roland FA06?

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asked Aug 19, 2015 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by cfgmusic (150 points)
edited Sep 16, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

1 Answer

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You need to take a look at the midi specification for your FA06.

If it has midi commands for controlling the drawbars and your Oxygen controller can support those commands you are set to go.
answered Aug 26, 2015 by ezb (5,660 points)
selected Sep 16, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
The drawbars on the FA can only programmed by Sys-Ex-Datas, not by Midi-Controlers! Load the template for FA-Editor here and look in the rider „Drawbars“ to see, what are the Sys-Ex-Datas!