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Do you mind if I pick your brain about programming the controls? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Do you mind if I pick your brain about programming the controls?

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asked May 14, 2015 in User Support, Resolved by bigdaddybri (220 points)
recategorized May 21, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Apparently, it was the way I had it hooked up, because everything works now. I'm still far from finished, but the help you've given  me has been much appreciated. I still have a lot of controls to map and to tweak their functions, but I'm seeing progress. One thing I did notice was, my attack rate control will go most of the way with no effect and then the last 5 ticks or so, the attack rate changes, how can I spread that more evenly across the range?
This is awesome news! Glad to see you're moving ahead. Thanks for your persistence, and a HUGE thanks to EZB for helping out and teaching all of us a little about MIDI and MD.
Great to read that the connection is ok. Now the next step.

Looking at the Dx27 manual attack rate has a range of 0(midi min) through 31(midi max). I think you already set that in the Midi tab.

Now, whenever you set the midi min and max of a knob, slider or crossfader you need to determine how many ticks a range is. In your case the range 0 through 31 is 32 ticks(1 through 31 is 31 ticks plus 0 is one tick extra and that makes 32 ticks). Ticks mean the number of possible settings you can do in your midi range, which is 32 in this case.

After you determine the number of ticks set them in the Properties tab (numOfTicks). Now you are done. Your number of ticks complies to your midi min midi max range.

Let me know how it goes.

Oh, and by the way. It is awesome that you are doing this and putting effort into this.
Thanks. I did make the adjustments and now the faders work smoothly. I think I may have plugged in some wrong values, but nothing to difficult to fix, things like my D1L level fader is currently controlling the portamento rate. All in all, it's coming along nicely. Once I finish this, I'll see if it'll also work on the FB01, and if it does, that would be great. Thanks again for your guidance.
Awesome. Keep up the good work.

As for the FB-01, it has a different sysex structure than your DX27, so your DX27 layout won't work on it.