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iPad MIDI Monitor with Copy and Paste - MIDI Designer Q&A

iPad MIDI Monitor with Copy and Paste

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asked Dec 26, 2014 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by novelistus (490 points)
edited Dec 26, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Maybe I am missing something,but you do know Midi Designer has a log window that logs midi? I don't understand why you need an extra midi monitor.
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1 Answer

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Midi Designer has a log window. Go to More->Log to enter the log window. Take note that the log window only functions when you are in Performance mode.

If your synth spits out sysex the Log window will catch it, provided you have a midi connection TO Midi Designer.

In the Log Window you can copy the necessary sysex and paste it into the Midi Designer sysex field.
answered Dec 26, 2014 by ezb (5,660 points)