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Supercontrol to change sliders to default value? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Supercontrol to change sliders to default value?

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asked Nov 28, 2014 in Suggestions (Already Implemented) by keybi (160 points)
recategorized Oct 20, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Short answer: you cannot do this directly. Instead use intermediate supercontrol buttons. Thanks!
But if they share a default value then you can do it with MIDI max and send on values only
Thx a lot. Works perfect...
Glad you got it working.
keybi, you used EZB's answer, right?
I "used" both answers. First I familiarized myself to the super control feature, then EZB's answer was the clue. Especially wich button has to be "TOGGLE" or "MOMENTARY".
Want to share your solution as an answer to this question? Then mark it as selected answer, please. This way others can learn from your process. And make sure to upvote EZB's answer, too. Thanks!

2 Answers

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Best answer

Now you can do this directly. See here.

answered Dec 18, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
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1. Create a slider S with your specific CC
2. Create a super control Toggle button TB.
3. Set TB to Send On Only
4. Set Midi Off - On to 0->your default value for slider S.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for as many sliders as you want.
6. Create a momentary button MB.
7. Make the toggle buttons sub controls of momentary button MB.

Now you are ready to go.

When everything works correctly set the toggle buttons to Hide In Performance.
answered Dec 2, 2014 by ezb (5,660 points)
This is now a possibility directly, so I'm marking the new simple answer as accepted. Thanks!