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Three-Way Switch in MD? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Three-Way Switch in MD?

0 votes
asked Oct 21, 2014 in Advanced by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

1 Answer

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First of all: This is not a three-way switch. To do that: just use Button Groups.
This is different from using button groups in that each value continues to send out while the user continues up or down. This is a variation on the Relative Control (sends 127, 64 and 0, usually).
Set it up like this:
Note: Knob-etc = Knobs or sliders or crossfaders or XY pad dimensions
  1. Set a supercontrol Knob-etc. (or slider/crossfader)
  2. Make supercontrol of type (or subtype) relative 
  3. Supercontrol options: supercontrol is sequential
  4. Give it three subcontrols (Knobs-etc.) 
Set the supercontrol to have "sequential" subcontrols (options for super)
should switch between them.
answered Oct 21, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

What would be a practical use for this?

I can imagine having one big super control knob to traverse through various banks of presets.

What are other uses?
EZB if you don't use relative controls that produce two values over and over again, you definitely won't need this.
@admin OH, now I see what it does. I forgot to set the relative type. But I do love it when you don't set the relative type. Then you can traverse through multiple presets. Sequential super control knob->various super control kobs that have 2 sub controls that do a bank change and a preset change.
Yes: we need to get these examples all together in playbook at some point.