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How do I access the Y dimension of an XY Pad - MIDI Designer Q&A

How do I access the Y dimension of an XY Pad

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asked Sep 6, 2012 in Basic by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Similar (but also totally different) to the OP's request, is there any chance you could create a rotated X-Y controller?

Basically I'm working on a Wavestation layout and while the vector stick is strictly X-Y, the values are measured across the diagonal corners with the whole thing rotated 45 degrees to compensate.

Awesome tool btw. This is very close to what I wished for when I first saw the iPad. Keep up the great work!

Hi Rob, thanks for that suggestion and the kind words. So you want an XY where the X axis is top-left to bottom-right and the Y is from bottom-left to top-right?
Rob, any chance you may be sharing your Wavestation layout? I just got a Wavestation A/D yesterday and finding a layout would make my Thanksgiving Day even more spectacular today!

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Hit the "Design Y Control" (or "Design X Control") button to switch to the properties of the other dimension.

answered Sep 6, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Awesome! That nails part one of my question, part 2 is a feature request:-

Can you add a "diamond" x-y controller to the toolbox (or allow objects to be rotated?)

For my WS panel I'm after an X-Y diamond rather than a square. (basically everything rotated by 45 degrees)

Would be handy for other crossfading tasks too. For example a diamond forces the sum of both parameters to be no greater than the max of one.

0 <= X+Y < (Xmax+Ymax)/2

Thanks again, not only for the quick response, but also for having thought to code diagonal scaling and it being in the app already.

MIDI Designer is my new favorite audio app.


Um, I think we're crossing comments here, Rob: diagonal scaling like you suggested is not in the app right now, although it's a pretty keen idea. I also have another use case for it. Also, what's the difference between a diamond and 45-degree rotated square?
I was all excited, couldn't find it and came back to see I misread your comment.

Unless I missed something MD also doesn't appear to do be able to change the aspect ratio of an X-Y controller either. When I wrote the comment about squares and diamonds in the back of my fuzzy memory (and an hour playing with newly purchased MD over the weekend) I thought this was possible.

The specific diamond/diagonal scaling/rotated square controller I'm after can be seen here:-

Now pushing my luck a little further, is there any chance (if it doesn't exist already) To have MD permit a user to change the aspect ratio of square (& diamond! ;) x-y pads?

Think rectangles & stretched diamonds. These are particularly useful for simultaneous coarse/fine control of parameters.

Anyway, thanks again for not only a great app, but responsive support & engagement with your users.

MD rocks and I'm having lots of fun porting my old Kenton Control Freak profiles to it. It'll take a whie, but I'll up some of the more useful ones when I'm happy with them.

In some weird coincidence I'm actually playing with the code to make the XY Pads A/R free, so that will happen (even if I decide to wait one release). Also: 1) the diagonal XY is an interesting idea. I will definitely add this to the list of suggestions. 2) What are you controlling with the Kenton? I've never owned a Killamix Mini, but it was part of the inspiration for MD. 3) Thanks for the kind words and for participating here on the Q&A site... and of course for buying MD!